Learning Through Mime/Creative/Dramatics: Quiet Creativity in the Classroom by Judi Garratt

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Teaching Mime: Silent Partners in Pantomime by Judi Garratt, Dianne Bye, John Pratt and Don Frankel

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The Door, the Beanstalk and the Fork in the Road

Expand the imagination and stimulate curiosity in children!

Three popular folk tales are retold with a new twist on the old favorites! Using the magic of personification, each object has a unique personality. For example, the responsible door scolds Goldilocks for making a mess in the house, the kindly beanstalk warns Jack that the giant is dangerous, and the informative fork in the road helps the pigs decide where to build their homes. The 35 delightful full color illustrations reinforce the various points of view of the objects and pique children’s curiosity and imagination.

At the end of each story there are activities for guided improvisations. Teachers and parents can use these as well as story dramatizations with children. There are roles and creative activities for everyone.

Cost: $15.95 plus 1.16 tax plus 3.50 shipping & handling; total $20.61.

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